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Service Department
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Superiors: Head of Personnel
Difficulty: Easy
Completion: 0%
Guides: Not defined
Access: Janitorial Closet
Colloquial Names: Jani


Being a Janitor is a thankless job, but an important one. Not only is it simple, it's one of the two main jobs keeping the station from turning into a shit show, the other being Security. The more the station looks like an animal pen, the more the crew members will act like it is one. It is more fun than it sounds.

Keep the floors clean. Pick up trash. Change broken lightbulbs. Mop up messes. Point at your wet floor sign when someone inevitably slips.

This is the best role to pick as a new player.


The Janitor's gear is highly specialized to cleaning messes:

  • First is the galoshes. They prevent you from slipping on wet floors (even space lubed floors, but do not protect you from banana peels or bars of soap).
  • Next is the janibelt. The janibelt is great because it starts with a mop, flashlight (equip to a pocket so it will shine at all times), a wet floor sign, and '4 space cleaner bottles.'
  • The almighty space cleaner bottle. Space Cleaner is great because it does not leave a wet floor, so you can fire and forget. Not only that, but the bottle has a 3 tile range, allowing you to fire over counters and tables. Each bottle holds 100 space cleaner to begin with and consumes 6 per shot, so you get 17 per bottle. Once a bottle is empty, it can be refilled with water, but if there's a Chemist, they can manufacture more space cleaner for you.
  • The less mighty, but still useful in a pinch bar of soap. Soap does not leave a wet floor either, and it has a lot more uses before running out than the space cleaner, but it is a lot slower to use.
  • The mop-and-bucket combo is your main tool when the space cleaner runs out. The mop holds 25 units of fluid and consumes 5 units per use. You can clean multiple adjacent tiles at the same time. It can be refilled by dunking it in a bucket filled with water. Buckets hold 70 units of fluid and can be refilled at water tanks.
  • Wet floor signs. Place these around where you've recently mopped or otherwise you will be lynched shortly by an angry mob.
  • Last is the trash bag. You can use a wielded trash bag to pick up trash on the floor, such as snack wrappers, dirty plates, and evidence. Trash bags hold 15 assorted items.

Cleaning with a mop and bucket:

  1. Grab a mop and a bucket from one of the lockers inside the janitorial closet.
  2. Have the bucket selected and click on the water tank inside your closet. Do this until it says the bucket is full.
  3. Put down wet floor signs. this means that you won't get in trouble if someone slips on the wet floor.
  4. Click on the bucket with your mop.
  5. Click on the spill with the mop equipped.
  6. Wait for the bar to fill up, and you have successfully cleaned. Remember to collect the wet floor sign in a minute or two once the floor has dried.

Cleaning with the cleaner spray bottle:

  1. Grab a bottle of cleaner, either from the janitorial lockers or from your belt.
  2. Click on the tile that needs cleaning. The spray bottle has a 3-tile range.
  3. You have successfully cleaned, without leaving a wet floor behind.

Cleaning with a bar of soap:

  1. Grab a bar of soap, either from the janitorial vendor or from your belt.
  2. Click on the tile that needs cleaning.
  3. Wait for the bar to fill up and you have successfully cleaned without leaving a wet floor behind.

Keep in mind that, while the bottle is faster and doesn't make the floor wet, there's a limited amount of cleaner in the bottle, and you need a competent Chemist in order to get more.