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About UnityStation

UnityStation is a free to play game made as a clone to the Space Station 13 game, but built on Unity, instead of using the outdated BYOND.

Space Station 13, the greatest spessmen simulator ever created. If you have ever played SS13 before you can agree on one thing, BYOND, it sucks! This is where UnityStation comes in. Started in Nov 2016 we have endeavored to ensure SS13 has a long and prosperous future outside of BYOND by cloning the /tg/ source to Unity.

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UnityStation Community

You can download UnityStation through https://unitystation.org/
If you wish to contribute or fork, you can find our github repository at https://github.com/unitystation/unitystation
Discord can be found at https://discord.gg/tFcTpBp


There are several UnityStation Servers, either offical Unitystation servers such as our staging servers, where new features are tested or community run servers. All servers can be found via the StationHub.

Included Maps

Check out these maps that come packaged by default in the game.