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Unitystation is typically pretty straightforward to download. However, depending on the OS you are using there may be a few extra steps involved. This pages will go though each step in downloading Unitystation for each Operating System.

Step by Step How to Download:


The easiest way to download Unitystation is by going to and pressing the download button.It should automatically begin downloading a zipped folder of the StationHub.

When the file has finished downloading drag it to where you would like to keep the folder and right click, Extract All. There select where you want the game to be extracted to and click Extract.

Once it has finished extracting you can select "StationHub", right click, and click Create Shortcut then drag the shortcut where you'd like for easier access later.

To get into the game you will want to double click on StationHub and the server list should open up. Before playing playing you will need to find the server you'd like to join and download the build it is hosted on.

Once that is complete just click "Start" and the game should launch! Have fun!


Work in progress. If you have issues downloading please join the discord to get some help.


You can either download the standalone version of the launcher by following the same instructions for Windows above, or if you would prefer there is a Flatpak available on Flathub for this as well:

If for some reason you are having technical issues downloading the game please join the Discord, there you can explain your issue in the help channel and someone should be able to assist you.