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I think I would rather have the links to the right and the text to the left, it feels more natural to read like that.

Is there a link to every page available? If not I think finding a way to add it would be useful.


How about a big DOWNLOAD button? Also thinking about trying to make some flashy unitystation logo art like on paradise's wiki.

How to keep discussions somewhat cleaner


From now on, every time you guys want to use the discussion page, remember to add a heading with the topic. Replies related to that topic will then append text to that section. Also always remember to sign your text additions! Use this button

--Gilles (talk) 16:53, 22 February 2023 (UTC)

What are we gonna do with Dae's Wiki?

I think I prefer this wiki-style over his but I don't think it's fair to throw away all of the work he and some of the other people on his team has done. I was thinking about maybe having his version be the multi-language one but I really don't know. I mean how else do you think we could have both wikis and have it make sense? He doesn't want me to work on this wiki anymore until they are finished and ready to present their wiki so I guess I'm gonna take a break from working on this one :(. If you have any ideas on what we could do to somehow keep both wikis useful or something let me know I guess I just don't want to mention it on discord.

--eatham (talk) 16:58, 27 February 2023 (CST)