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Fallstation is a low-population map authored by the-other-autumn on June 20th, 2020. Currently the smallest map by size currently in the map pool, Fallstation has a tight, irregular shape.

Started from a ship jammed into a small asteroid, Fallstation has an emphasis on the service roles, with cargo, the kitchen and bar, law office, library, dorms, theatre, chapel, and hydroponics all being grouped together in the main hallway beginning at arrivals. Security, science, and the bridge line the top of the station while Engineering atmospherics make up the southeast quadrant of the station.

The map is known for having very little maintenance and both it's exterior and interior walls have extensive window coverage.

Fallstation also has it's own unique syndicate and centcom bases. The Nuke Ops shuttle is uniquely designed for ramming, as it has two elongated airlocks at the front of the shuttle to penetrate into the station to assist in boarding maneuvers.