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As a security officer it is your direct responsibility to oversee the safety of the station. If the station is going haywire then it is because you failed to do your job. In other words being a security officer is fairly stressful, but please don't let that stress overwhelm you. Do make sure to follow the Space Law in all your doings. Here are a few play styles, pick one you see fitting to you, but don't be afraid to switch around:

Obey & Survive

Or commonly referred to as "shitcurity", are the kind of officers that believe it's still 1947 and that we're in the USSR, so they can abuse and mess with anyone below them on the food chain. Here's some advice:

  1. Don't be like this.
  2. Beware of people trying to disarm you.
  3. Clowns and cargo are your nemesis.
  4. Don't expect people to respect you.
  5. The feeling of pride you get is temporary.

To Protect and to Serve

These kind of officers just go around the station and make sure everything is in order, not intervening unless needed, these types of officers are neutrally perceived by the public so don't expect praise or hate, well except general hate towards security because of the officers mentioned above. Some tips.

  1. If people tell you to go, don't overstay your welcome.
  2. If you have AA, make sure the kitchen and engineering are doing fine.
  3. If you find any xenomorphs then immediately request backup and wait for them, do not engage alone, unless someone is in direct danger.

Faithful to Death

This type is better suited for those who prefer role play over combat, these guys hang around bars, talk to citizens, help around the station and otherwise liked. These are the tips that might come in handy for you:

  1. Wear a blue uniform with a tie, to stand out and so people can tell you apart from the types above.
  2. If people get nervous around you, or otherwise don't like you, prove yourself to them by actions, not hollow words, but, don't power play.
  3. Security goes before faithfulness, so if a fellow officer calls for backup or the Head of Security calls all units, you should respond immediately.
  4. In no case you have the permission to shitcurity, if you do even once, people will remember that and avoid you.

Semper Aequus

If you don't like any of those but do want to stay at security and manage paperwork then this is just the style for you. Stay at the department, at the front desk, oversee prisoners, make sure they get out on time, and stay put until then, be warden's right hand. Take into account this information:

  1. Prisoners may give you a false sense of content by standing in place, but when you hear someone beating on the wall, know that's them.
  2. If you detect a break out, immediately close the shutters if they're open, just in case.
  3. When manning the front desk, and someone requests a baton, make sure they have proper reasoning, and alert level.
  4. If situation goes out of control you might have to get out of your cozy seat and go out to hunt some criminals, or stay home to defend the fort.
  5. If an officer brings in a law breaker ask them what they're in for and handle the procedure yourself, following the Space Law.