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Understanding Nutrition

In Unitystation, every character has a nutrition value that determines how full their stomach is. The nutrition value goes from 1 to 500, and every character has 400 nutrition at the start of a round. You will receive different messages in the chat log and possibly effects depending on how much nutrition you have.

  • 500 Nutrition: "You're stuffed!", you won't be able to eat any more food at this point.
  • 300 Nutrition: "You're satiated.", no effect.
  • 200 Nutrition: "You feel hungry.", no effect.
  • 100 Nutrition: "Your stomach rumbles violently.", no effect.
  • 000 Nutrition: "Your malnourished body aches!", you start to slow down!

You will gradually lose nutrition over time, though different actions cause different amounts of nutrition loss. Running around will cause you to go hungrier faster than walking around or staying still.



Using a Bowl you can create some simple dough. To do that, combine 15 units of flour and 10 units of water in a bowl. Left-click an item to put it into your hand and then left-click on the bowl to pour your ingredients. You can change the amount of units per use by left-clicking on an item in your hand. If you want to go further you can then turn the dough into a flat dough by having the dough in one of your hands and left-clicking it with a rollingpin with the other hand. Do the same with a Knife and you get 3 dough slices which in turn can be turned into buns through the Microwave.


Picture Name Ingredients Description
SteakPlain 1 meat N/A
xeno steak 1 xeno meat N/A
CutletPlain 1 raw cutlet N/A
bun 1 dough slice A base for any self-respecting burger.
fried facehugger 1 dead facehugger This looks... slightly less disgusting?
boiled egg 1 egg A hard boiled egg.
boiled rice 1 ricebowl A warm bowl of rice.
boiled spaghetti 1 uncooked spaghetti A plain dish of noodles, this needs more ingredients.
boiled spider leg 1 spider leg A giant spider's leg that's still twitching after being cooked. Gross!
khinkali 1 raw khinkali One hundred khinkalis? Do I look like a pig?
pastry base 1 raw pastry base A base for any self-respecting pastry.
bread loaf 1 dough Some plain old earthen bread.
pizza bread 1 flat dough Add ingredients to make a pizza.
plain cake 1 cake batter A plain cake, not a lie.
pie dough 1 pie dough Cook it to get a pie.
toasted sandwich 1 sandwich Now if you only had a pepper bar.
bear steak 1 bear meat N/A
chicken steak 1 chicken meat N/A
SteakPlain 1 corgi meat N/A
gondola steak 1 gondola meat N/A
killer tomato steak 1 killer tomato meat N/A
SteakPlain 1 monkey meat N/A
SteakPlain 1 mouse meat N/A
spider steak 1 spider meat N/A
piece of bacon 1 raw piece of bacon A delicious piece of bacon.
crab meat 1 raw crab meat Some deliciously cooked crab meat.
bear cutlet 1 raw bear cutlet N/A
chicken cutlet 1 raw chicken cutlet N/A
gondola cutlet 1 raw gondola cutlet N/A
killer tomato cutlet 1 raw killer tomato cutlet N/A
penguin cutlet 1 raw penguin cutlet N/A
spider cutlet 1 raw spider cutlet N/A
xeno cutlet 1 raw xeno cutlet N/A
warm Berry-pocket 1 Berry-pocket A relentlessly sweet donk-pocket, now warm and delicious.
warm Donk-pocket 1 Donk-pocket N/A
warm Gondola-pocket 1 Gondola-pocket The choice to use real gondola meat in the recipe is controversial, to say the least.
warm Honk-pocket 1 Honk-pocket The award-winning donk-pocket, now warm and toasty.
warm Pizza-pocket 1 Pizza-pocket Delicious, cheesy, and even better when hot.
warm Spicy-pocket 1 Spicy-pocket The classic snack food, now maybe a bit too spicy.
warm Teriyaki-pocket 1 Teriyaki-pocket An east-asian take on the classic stationside snack, now steamy and warm.


Picture Name Ingredients Description
RawCutletPlain 1 meat N/A
raw xeno cutlet 1 xeno meat N/A
dough slice 1 flat dough A slice of dough. Can be cooked into a bun.
dead facehugger 1 Facehugger This looks disgusting... but edible?
raw pastry base 1 pie dough Must be cooked before use.
Arnold pizza slice 1 Arnold pizza I come over, maybe I give you a pizza, maybe I break off your arm.
dank pizza slice 1 dank pizza So good, man...
donkpocket pizza slice 1 donkpocket pizza Smells like donkpocket.
Hawaiian pizza slice 1 Hawaiian pizza A slice of delicious controversy.
meat pizza slice 1 meat pizza A nutritious slice of meatpizza.
mushroom pizza slice 1 mushroom pizza Maybe it is the last slice of pizza in your life.
pizza margherita slice 1 pizza margherita A slice of the most cheezy pizza in galaxy.
sausage pizza slice 1 sausage pizza Deliciously sausage-y.
vegetable pizza slice 1 vegetable pizza A slice of the most green pizza of all pizzas not containing green ingredients.
banana-nut bread slice 1 banana-nut bread loaf A slice of delicious banana bread.
bread slice 1 bread loaf A slice of home.
cream cheese bread slice 1 cream cheese bread loaf A slice of yum!
meatbread slice 1 meatbread loaf A slice of delicious meatbread.
mimana bread slice 1 mimana bread loaf A slice of silence!
spider meatbread slice 1 spider meatbread loaf A slice of meatloaf made from an animal that most likely still wants you dead.
tofubread slice 1 tofubread loaf A slice of delicious tofubread.
xenomeatbread slice 1 xenomeatbread loaf A slice of delicious meatbread. Extra Heretical.
monster bread slice 1 dead monster bread loaf A worringly soggy and spiky slice of monster bread.
angel food cake slice 1 angel food cake A slice of heavenly cake.
apple cake slice 1 apple cake A slice of heavenly cake.
birthday cake slice 1 birthday cake A slice of your birthday.
blackberry and strawberry chocolate cake slice 1 blackberry and strawberry chocolate cake Just a slice of cake filled with assortment of blackberries and strawberries!
blackberry and strawberry vanilla cake slice 1 blackberry and strawberry vanilla cake Just a slice of cake filled with assortment of blackberries and strawberries!
brain cake slice 1 brain cake Lemme tell you something about prions. THEY'RE DELICIOUS.
carrot cake slice 1 carrot cake Carrotty slice of carrot cake, carrots are good for your eyes! Also not a lie.
cheese cake slice 1 cheese cake Slice of pure cheestisfaction.
chocolate cake slice 1 chocolate cake Just a slice of cake, it is enough for everyone.
clown cake slice 1 clown cake A slice of bad jokes, and silly props.
energy cake slice 1 energy cake N/A
hardware cake slice 1 hardware cake A slice of electronic boards and some acid.
lemon cake slice 1 lemon cake Just a slice of cake, it is enough for everyone.
lime cake slice 1 lime cake Just a slice of cake, it is enough for everyone.
orange cake slice 1 orange cake Just a slice of cake, it is enough for everyone.
plain cake slice 1 plain cake Just a slice of cake, it is enough for everyone.
pound cake slice 1 pound cake A slice of condensed cake made for filling people up quickly.
pumpkin spice cake slice 1 pumpkin spice cake A spicy slice of pumpkin goodness.
slime cake slice 1 slime cake A slice of slime cake.
baklava dish 1 baklava A portion of a delightful healthy snack made of nut layers with thin bread.
blumpkin pie 1 blumpkin pie A slice of blumpkin pie, with whipped cream on top. Is this edible?
cheese wedge 1 cheese wheel A wedge of delicious Cheddar. The cheese wheel it was cut from can't have gone far.
dulce de batata jelly 1 dulce de batata A slice of sweet dulce de batata jelly.
pumpkin pie slice 1 pumpkin pie A slice of pumpkin pie, with whipped cream on top. Perfection.
raw bear cutlet 1 bear meat N/A
raw chicken cutlet 1 chicken meat N/A
RawCutletPlain 1 corgi meat N/A
raw gondola cutlet 1 gondola meat N/A
raw killer tomato cutlet 1 killer tomato meat N/A
RawCutletPlain 1 monkey meat N/A
raw penguin cutlet 1 penguin meat N/A
raw spider cutlet 1 spider meat N/A
killer tomato meat 1 killer-tomato A slice from a huge tomato.

Rolling pin

Picture Name Ingredients Description
flat dough 1 dough A flattened dough.
pie dough 1 cake batter Cook it to get a pie.
pancake 1 pastry base A fluffy pancake. The softer, superior relative of the waffle.


If you want to combine items have one in each of your hands and then left-click on any of the two.

Picture Name Ingredients Description
burger 1 steak, 1 bun N/A
xenoburger 1 xeno steak, 1 bun Smells caustic. Tastes like heresy.
butter noodles 1 boiled spaghetti, 1 stick of butter Noodles covered in savory butter. Simple and slippery, but delicious.
meat donut 1 raw cutlet, 1 pastry base Tastes as gross as it looks.
PancakeChocolateChip 1 pancake, 1 chocolate bar N/A
xeno-pie 1 plain pie, 1 xeno cutlet A delicious meatpie. Probably heretical.
tofu-pie 1 plain pie, 1 tofu A delicious tofu pie.
Donk-pocket 1 pastry base, 1 meatball The food of choice for the seasoned traitor.
cheesy fries 1 space fries, 1 cheese wedge Fries. Covered in cheese. Duh.
loaded baked potato 1 potato, 1 cheese wedge Totally baked.
fish and chips 1 space fries, 1 carp fillet I do say so myself chap.
double rat-kebab 1 rat-kebab, 1 dead mouse N/A
rat-kebab 1 rods, 1 dead mouse Not so delicious rat meat, on a stick.
chocolate egg 1 boiled egg, 1 chocolate bar Such, sweet, fattening food.
rat burger 1 bun, 1 dead mouse Pretty much what you'd expect...
spell burger 1 bun, 1 wizard hat This is absolutely Ei Nath.
mime burger 1 bun, 1 mime mask Its taste defies language.
meat clown 1 banana, 1 steak A delicious, round piece of meat clown. How horrifying.
clown burger 1 bun, 1 clown wig and mask This tastes funny...
tofu burger 1 bun, 1 tofu What.. is that meat?
Bearger 1 bun, 1 bear steak N/A
corgi burger 1 bun, 1 corgi meat N/A
butter biscuit 1 bun, 1 stick of butter Well butter my biscuit!


Picture Name Ingredients Description
Flour 1 wheat N/A
Rice 1 rice N/A
Sugar 1 sugarcane N/A
Ketchup 1 tomato N/A