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Service Department
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Superiors: Head of Personnel
Difficulty: HONK!!!
Completion: 0%
Guides: Not defined
Access: The Clown Chamber
Colloquial Names: Not defined


You are the Clown. The Funnyman. Mortal enemy of the Mime. The one who's supposed to be making the crew members laugh, and act as stress relief. Instead, most see you as a threat due to most clown's tendencies to lube up the hallways and hide banana peels under doors. As such, don't be surprised if no one trusts you. The best clowns mix actual clown stuff into their pranks. Having a funny gimmick and telling some jokes now and then can mean the difference between being murdered in a hallway and getting All Access.

Just a prank bro HONK! HONK!

Your job is simple. Make jokes, make people laugh, get beat up by the people in red suits for placing a banana peel. But, because of Clown's tendencies to mess the station up, very few people actually trust you with anything, and you are disliked by most; even more disliked than the people in gray jumpsuits.

But, there are some times where people actually trust you, instead of just immediately voting to introduce you to the cold, airless vacuum of space. Value these moments, because it could be the only time your life isn't in danger 24/7.

Don't forget that your PDA is slippery, and can be used when you lose your banana peel.