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Command Department
Head of Personnel
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Superiors: Captain
Difficulty: Not defined
Completion: 0%
Guides: Guide to Faxes
Access: Bridge, Cargo
Colloquial Names: 'HoP'

The Head of Personnel, also commonly referred to as the HoP, is one of the command roles on the station, and arguably one of the most important jobs on the station, with the ability to change people's access levels using the terminal in their office, taking over for the captain when they inevitably get stabbed in the back, and keeping Ian the dog alive at all costs.


Here are the responsibilities of the HoP

Lawful Neutral

The job of the HoP is relatively simple: sit in your office, change people's job or access levels if they ask for it for good reasons, and resist the urge to give yourself or other people all-access cards. On top of that, you're also the one making sure the Service roles are keeping the station running, and that Cargo isn't ordering in guns to help Cargonia become an independent station-state. However, your job can get slightly hectic; if the Captain is dead, or no one is playing as Captain, it's your job to take over their position until they are potentially cloned. Unless the person who killed them isn't smart, this is not a simple task.

Crew Relations

With your typically lighter workload compared to the other heads of staff, it's a good idea to pay close attention to comms. It never hurts to have a strong grasp of what's going on around the station, and your job is to make sure Cargo is getting what the station needs, the janitor is cleaning floors, and the Cook and Botanist are delivering food.

If you want to maintain a good relationship with the other heads, ask them over the command channel for their opinion before assigning someone to their department. You will be held accountable if you assign engineering an assistant that melts down the Reactor.

Once you have become familiar with the post, you may have noticed that the Captain has a sweet ass pistol and all you get is a lame (but extremely robust) taser. It might be tempting to bump your clearance to all access and take a trip to the armory to get yourself something that has a bit more bite. It is recommended that you do not do this. The Captain is the ultimate authority on the station, and that comes with rights and privileges that others do not have, including you. The HoP cannot bear lethal weaponry unless given explicit permission by the Captain or the station is on either Blue alert or Red alert. That isn't to say that this limitation is not comprehensively enforced by Security, but do not be surprised if you get reported by the Warden for breaking and entering into the armory.


With you being second in command and the station being as dangerous as it is, you will often be the one who has to call the emergency shuttle when the Captain is occupied or dead. If they are still kicking, you should get permission from them first before calling the shuttle. If they aren't, then its your call whether an evacuation is necessary, with the same weight and responsibility the Captain bears with the decision.

If the shuttle has been called DO NOT FORGET TO BRING IAN WITH YOU. Ian is a trained dog, so you can say, "Ian follow!" and Ian will follow behind you somewhat competently (doors give him a hard time). when you have him safe in the shuttle, you can say "Ian stay!" to make him stop. Because he is your dog, only you, the HoP, can do this.

Inhuman Resources (traitor HoP)

needless to say, being a traitor as the HoP is pretty tight. It's no surprise that the second-in-command on the station makes for a fairly easy time completing traitor objectives. With the ability to give yourself the valued AA and the authority as a head, you can go anywhere you need to with ease. Your direct authority over cargo can also come in handy, as you can tell the QM to order you whatever you need.

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