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Security Department
Head of Security
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Superiors: Captain
Difficulty: Hard
Completion: 0%
Guides: Not defined
Access: Security, Brig, Command, Armory, Head of Security's Office
Colloquial Names: HoS
High-Risk Items: The Justita, The Ablative Trenchcoat

Note: The HoS is a very difficult role to play and you should probably be experienced in combat and with security, Standard Operating Procedure, and space law before picking it. Jumping in and playing HoS on your very first round ever is a great way to get yourself job-banned.

"alright, that's it, the chemist has lubed his last tile, blow up the chemlab boys."

Who you are

The Head of Security (HoS) is, as the name implies, the Boss of all the security officers on the station, as well as the warden and detective. The only people that can order him around are the Captain and any centcom representatives. The HoS's job is to order around his underlings and check in on them from time to time to make sure they are performing well, as well as to manage securities emergency response should the time come.

Managing the day-to-day

For a good portion of any round, and possibly the entire round, the station will be in a state of moderate peace where arming everyone to the teeth isn't needed. During these periods make sure that any security officers stay on patrol and don't stick around the Brig when they aren't needed to let them nip problems in the bud.

The Warden's job is to manage guns and oversee timers, and as he doesn't need to hand any out during these periods hell likely be more than able to manage any unruly prisoners and keep track of release times. During these times of calm, you should check on patrolling officers from time to time to make sure they aren't ruining everything and build favor with the crew.

When shit hits the fan

If things start burning and exploding, it may be a good time to order the Warden to open the armory, but note that you cannot officially have your Officers openly carrying weapons unless the alert level is at Code Blue or higher (but it's rarely a problem because of how SOP works). In a true emergency, should you trust the crew, you may give them guns, though you'd likely be better off giving them non-lethals and saving the guns for the heads. Be sure to help the warden manage the prison and direct officers to recover their dead friends.

If the alert level is ever elevated to Code Red, this is the time to give harsher sentences. You still need to get permission from the Captain to perform executions on the spot, but in the event that the chain of command has been disrupted and there is no clear authority, it's your call; at this point the Brig is likely non functional and the danger posed by antagonists is at its greatest.

How to not end up with your head on a pike

For any HoS, the crew can be just as much of a danger as syndicate agents and revolutionaries, and if you or your officers piss them off enough, you may find your corpse paraded down the hall. The best way to prevent this is to work with the lawyer, take headsets off your prisoners, and follow space law. During downtime you can also try and build goodwill with the crew, arresting unwanted vandals and thieves yourself will both show others security is doing their job and you are doing your part to help them.

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