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Ghost Roles Department
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Superiors: None
Difficulty: Hard
Completion: 0%
Guides: Not defined
Access: None
Colloquial Names: Not defined


You are an ash walker, a resident of Lavaland. The land is bountiful of prey and sustenance, but foreign powers move to exploit your land. You must build up your tribe and expel these aliens from your home.

Your base of operations is the ash walker nest, a tendril tamed to rapidly grow Ash Walker eggs near instantly when fed. Whenever any dead bodies are brought to the nest, it will consume them. Every 2 corpses added to the nest will grow an egg, and the maximum the nest can hold is three. Each egg increases the amount of Ash Walker ghost roles available, so it is in your interest to grow more of them.

Your objectives are to protect the tendril and to resist NanoTrasen's mining operation.

Due note: invading the station as an ash walker is very much in a grey area. Ash Walkers are not Antagonists, but as a ghost role that is designed specifically around fighting Shaft Miners that come to Lavaland, there is some leeway. If you've driven out all the miners from lavaland, and the tendril is secure and guarded, it's often acceptable to organize an invasion to attack the station, but you should consult admins first.

Tribal Crafting

Ash Walkers have a number of special craftable items using materials harvestable from Lavaland mobs.

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