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Antagonist Department
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Superiors: Space Wizard Federation
Difficulty: Hard
Completion: 0%
Guides: Not defined
Access: Anywhere you can teleport
Colloquial Names: Not defined

Space Wizards are a unique antagonist who has access to magical powers that defy scientific principles. Most are part of the Space Wizard Federation, a mysterious organization that is at war with NanoTrasen. The source of the wizard's power is their spellbook, which they consult to master a variety of spells to cast to cause chaos and devastation.

As the wizard, you will be given quite a few objectives (typically 4) to complete that will require you to steal high-risk items and assassinate crew members. Even as an almighty wizard, master of time and space, you are ultimately just as squishy and vulnerable as any other person. So, if you are to complete your objectives and survive to the end of the round, you will still have to demonstrate a high degree of cleverness to get the job done.

Understand that the Wizard is a work-in-progress antagonist, and does not have all of their abilities in game yet. Still, there's plenty to have fun with; enjoy your superiority over the station.

Wizarding 101

You can use the mirror to change your name to whatever you want.

You can also get different colored wizard robes from the Magivend vending machine to customize your appearance.


Spell Name Cost Cooldown description Invocation
Offensive Spells Used to kill or otherwise injure others
Fireball 2 spell points 6 seconds Summons an explosive fireball. When thrown, it will explode upon hitting a target, dealing a high amount of fire damage. Maximum range 8 tiles ONI'SOMA!
Lesser Summon Guns 3 spell points 75 seconds Summon a Surplus rifle in hand. Several other rifles pop out of worm holes around the wizard.
Lighting Bolt 1 spell point 10 seconds Summon lighting from your hands. Generally low damage, but the potential increases when you fire it into groups, as the lightning will arc from your target to others nearby. A good budget damage option. P'WAH, UNLIMITED P'WAH
Spell Blade 2 spell points N/A Delivered via a drop pod landing on the wizard's tile. Move out of the way or you will be crushed. A laser-flinging sword; decently robust. The projectiles it fire are armor piercing and recharge quickly, giving you a decent solution for protracted gunfights as a wizard.
Defensive Used to protect yourself
Forcewall 1 spell point 10 seconds Summon a 3x1 wall that you can walk through. TARCOL MINTI ZHER!
Rockdrop 1 spell point 45 seconds Drop rocks on your enemies. The tile you click will get hit with a movement-blocking rock while smaller passable rocks will rain down around it randomly. Does low damage, but the large rock does more. Can be used in creative ways, such as to block off areas or to provide yourself cover from projectiles. The rocks can be mined away with a pickaxe. BALDERDASH!
Mastercrafted Armor Set 2 spell points N/A Delivered via a drop pod landing on the wizard's tile. Move out of the way or you will be crushed. A magic-encrusted spacesuit. It slows you down a bit, but it provides good armor.
Stunning Bolt 2 spell points 1.5 seconds It lets you fire a stunning electrode exactly like a taser, though with a longer maximum range. It's quick cooldown allows you to spam it annoyingly fast. LIGHTNINGBOLT!!
Mobility Spells Allow for more rapid movement, it is STRONGLY advised to take at least one
Teleport 2 spell points 60 seconds Instantly teleport to a chosen location anywhere on your Z-level. SCYAR NILA!
Blink 2 spell points 2 seconds randomly teleport a medium distance. It will try to not teleport the wizard into space, but it will sometimes, so be prepared.
Assistance Spells that help in indirect ways
Instant Summons 1 spell point 10 seconds Teleports an item you selected to yourself, along with its container. GAR YOK
Contract of Apprencticeship 2 spell points N/A Gives a ghost the opportunity to join you as an apprentice.
Rituals Really messes with security.
Summon guns 2 spell points Big version of Lesser Summon Guns. Arms everyone on the station with a gun.
Summon magic 2 spell points Gives magical books to everyone on the station, letting them each learn a magical spell.

The Friendly Wizard

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