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Antagonist Department
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Superiors: Nobody
Difficulty: VERY Hard
Completion: 0%
Guides: Not defined
Access: None
Colloquial Names: Not defined

Fugitives are a really simple antagonist in concept. As the Fugitive, you will be given just two objectives. Stay out of handcuffs and be on the emergency shuttle at the end of the round. Sounds easy, right? Wrong. The demands are simple, but the obstacles are enormous.

Being a fugitive on the run means that you start with no station access. In addition, from the moment the round starts, you're on the clock. A few minutes after the beginning of the shift, an alert will be broadcasted station wide alerting the crew of your presence and delivering orders for your arrest. You will spawn hopefully somewhere out of the way, such as maintenance, which gives you time to prepare, but also means that you're likely trapped without an easy exit. The only thing you come with is a mechanical toolbox, some cables, and a pair of budget insulated gloves. From there, it's up to you to scavenge, ambush, and and hack your way to a better hiding spot.

Lurk and Loot

So you've been dropped in a small maintenance service hallway. What is your list of priorities. Well, first, loot anything and everything around you. Without a crew PDA and being trapped in maintenance means that finding a source of light is probably one of your highest priorities. Another one you may not have thought of is food. It can actually be pretty difficult to keep yourself satiated, so you gotta find whatever snacks and cookies you can. If you see a mouse, kill it. Not only is it competing with you for any open food left in maintenance, but it can be used as food itself if you become desperate.

Some other things you will want to grab ASAP are any uniforms nearby (so as to cover up your very obvious prisoner jumpsuit), any med belts that are stored on racks or in closets, A mask to both allow for emergency oxygen and cover your face. any tools are incredibly useful, and can serve as an easy way to exit your predicament of being stuck in a dusty shaft without an id. Backup uniforms can also be useful as disguises.

While you do this, you must use your ears and listen for activity near you. Make mental plans to hide in an empty locker or retreat further into the halls you are stuck in so that you can evade detection from any passing assistants or security officers. If you think you're robust enough, you can attempt to spring an ambush. It is a bad idea to do this versus a security officer because they have every advantage against you

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