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Engineering Department
Chief Engineer
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Superiors: Captain
Difficulty: Medium
Completion: 0%
Guides: Category:Engineering Guides
Access: Engineering, Atmospherics, Command
Colloquial Names: CE
High-Risk Items: Advanced Mag Boots, Plasma

"ALRIGHT! what goddamn moron cut the high voltage wire again?"

Relevent guides: Construction, Engineer, Atmos and Atmospherics technician

Your Job

As the CE your main goal is to make sure the rest of the station is airtight, breathable, and functional. To achieve this you have your hired help, ordinary engineers and atmospherics technicians. Engineers are easier to order around, and will generally do their job, unlike atmos techs, who while usually capable, are more likely dicking about and setting themselves on fire. Don't worry, chances are one of them is a wizard at engineering and will know how to do your job better than you, its almost guaranteed.

Help the lights are off

One of the first things you'll want to do is set up a power source. order the engineers to do it for you or get outside your office and do it yourself. once that's done, make sure it stays on. You may want to secure the generator with things like reinforced windows, as it is a favorite target of saboteurs.

Help my chair broke

You'll have to ignore many of the calls for engineering that come your way, as you'll simply be dealing with more pressing issues most of the time. For those rare cases where the station isn't being dragged into hell, be sure to send engineers out to fix things so as to tell the crew that engineering exists.

Help someone blew the wall open

The most often thing you'll deal with is breaches, most can be fixed with a single engineer and atmos tech, but a shuttleram from the syndicate shuttle is another beast entirely. simply designate someone by name to patch up the wall or floor and make sure they have a space-worthy suit.


The eventual end of most shifts, there are holes into space everywhere and almost everyone is dead. Generally, if the station gets to this point, its unfixable. Rather than bother with lost causes, seal burning halls and create safe routes to escape, making sure everyone at your disposal is working on getting others out alive. At this point your job is less about fixing the station and more about keeping it together just long enough for the shuttle to arrive. Make sure to pack a gun.

Chief Screw-Loose (traitor CE)

A traitor CE has a lot of fun option available to them to cause absolute havoc on the station. You have access to almost all critical rooms and machines in the station, the highlight options being the engine room, the bridge, department batteries, the AI upload room, and ACUs. You also come with the best construction tools on the station, a very good hardsuit, advanced magboots, and whatever equipment that's in engineering's storage room.

Because you have access to the engine bay, you also have the most effective way to create an excuse to call the evac shuttle by setting loose the engine, whether it's a Singularity, Tesla, or Supermatter. Just be sure that the shuttle is called immediately, as you won't have long once you sabotage any of them before they begin tearing the station apart.

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