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Medical Department
Chief Medical Officer
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Superiors: Captain
Difficulty: Extreme
Completion: 0%
Guides: Not defined
Access: Medical, Chemistry, Chief Medical Officer's Office
Colloquial Names: CMO
High-Risk Items: Chief Medical Officer's Hypospray

Note: for the guide to ordinary doctoring and first aid treatment, check here.

How to keep everyone alive

Seeing as the kinds of unique medical emergencies that the station can face is pretty basic right now, the CMO does not operate much differently then a regular Medical Officer. This means that your purpose is much more about general logistical medical management right now. You need to manage the morgue, the cloner, wound treatment, crisis response, chemical distribution, and psychological diagnosis for the occasional trial.

The general procedures of operation is to make sure that there is one general practitioner and one person with access to the cloner (which is you and the Geneticist) in Medical at any given moment. The rest of your doctors, if you have any, should be on patrol acting as paramedics across the station. Make sure they are telling you whenever they treat somebody, though.

It should be noted that despite their proclivity for enacting explosive science, Chemists are under your command, and it is your responsibility to prevent them from water-potassium bombing a hole through the Medical Department. You should keep an eye on them and control the manufacturing and distribution of dangerous and unstable chemicals. Don't let them make buckets of space lube for the clown unless he's got a note from the HoP saying it's okay.

This is in contrast with the Geneticist, which you actually share authority over with the Research Director. You have the power to tell the Geneticist to clone or not clone people, and you can recruit them as a general doctor for emergencies, but that's mostly it.

Doctor's Orders

Your purpose as the CMO is to prevent loss of life and minimize human suffering. It's recommended that you take a trip to the Security Department from time to time to ensure that the prisoners in the brig are being fed and treated with at least a modicum of human decency.

One authority you possess is to evaluate whether a Department Head is unfit for duty, typically at the request of the captain or other heads of staff. If a Head of Staff is acting medically unstable, it is the CMO's duty to treat them till they are once again fit for duty, which could be never. If you go around flaunting this as an excuse to detain people and keep them locked up, expect to get killed by sec, command, and every average crewmember.

Crisis Response

As the CMO, it is your job to direct aid operations when a crisis occurs.

If, say, a team of commandos boards the station, you will have a lot of casualties, some of which will inevitably be your own medics. As such, it is advised that during such a crisis you hack open or deconstruct your front doors to create a safe place for injured people to come heal themselves, but if you do, it is advised that you get at least one Security Officer stationed in front of medical for the duration, because shit will go down. Send doctors on patrol to bring back bodies. Anyone who can walk is able to heal themselves, and should be ignored so that those in critical condition and those that are dead can get needed help.

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