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Engineering Department
Atmospheric Technician
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Superiors: Chief Engineer
Difficulty: Medium
Completion: 0%
Guides: Guide to Atmospherics
Access: Engineering, Atmospherics
Colloquial Names: Atmos Tech

Note: this is the job guide, for the gas/pipe guide, go here

As an Atmospherics Technician, your job is pretty much to stop the station's crew members from suffocating to death. As long as everyone's able to breathe while inside the station, you're doing your job.

For the love of god do not fill the station with plasma

Atmos Techs are supposed to keep the station from becoming unbreathable. At the moment, you don't have to do much; Atmospherics are barely in the game, and so you can relax. Just make sure the Chief Engineer doesn't catch you slacking, and you'll be fine.

However, if you feel like causing trouble (and feel like risking a ban), you have access to some powerful tools: Plasma Canisters''. These are filled with Plasma, a highly flammable gas that can fill the station rather quickly, and can easily be set on fire if you either fire a gun or tazer, or activate a welder while inside plasma. **Keep in mind plasmabombing is a bannable offense if you're not an Antagonist.'

How to make sure those greyshirted bastards dont choke

The atmosphere on the station is a mix of 20% oxygen and 80% nitrogen at 300 KPA, with some co2 for taste. If (when) something breaks, something breaches, or a fire breaks out, your first job will be to help the ordinary engineers patch up holes leading to space or put out fires.

After thats done, make sure no idiots try and run into workspace and die, block off access with very clear warnings and firelocks if need-be. once everything has been sealed, your job is to get the atmosphere back up to snuff while the other engineers go about fixing chairs, tables, machines, and the like. To do this you will make use of the tanks of gasses you find in your section of engineering, set an oxygen tank and nitrogen tank (preferably two nitro tanks) in the atmosphere-less area and crank them to 300 kpa, let them flood fill the area, and use your atmos scanner to know when its time to seal them (when pressure reaches 300 kpa).


While all the other members of the crew can still use extinguishers to put out fire, you can do it better in your fancy asbestos-lined hard-suit, which makes you completely immune to all* fire. Simply pop loose your fire extinguisher and blast away. alternatively, you may try making firebreaks or removing that weird flammable pink confetti in the air.

DO fill the station with plasma (traitor Atmos Tech)

Traitor atmos techs have the potential to become one of the most devastating forces on station. If you know what you are doing, you can flood the station with whatever harmful gas you want, just don't forget to have your internals ready. The most likely individual to interfere with your work is another atmos tech or the AI, so be careful if either of those sorts are present.

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