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Medical Department
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Superiors: Chief Medical Officer
Difficulty: Easy
Completion: 0%
Guides: Not defined
Access: Medical, Psychiatrist's Office
Colloquial Names: Psychologist, Therapist

The Psychologist is a listening ear, a shoulder to cry on, and a friend to all. Nominally part of service, and physically part of medbay, they are tasked with diffusing disputes and seeing to the psychological well-being of all the crew.

NanoTrasen cares deeply about the mental health of its employees, and to this end, they have seen fit to drag an old carpet and couch into a disused broom closet in Medbay, even going so far as to hang up a motivational poster. Thus, the Psychology Office was born.

Your job is primarily to simply talk and listen to any and all who request it, and secondarily to write and dispense prescriptions and doctor's notes for patients as you see fit.

You are not another Doctor, your job is to help mentally, not physically. This is largely a roleplay-based role - whether you have fun with it is largely tied to how much effort you and your patients put into it, as it is not tied to game mechanics at all.

Hearts and Minds

it is a good idea to start 'advertising' around the station for anybody who could use some psychological care, and make sure to check the Brig, Medbay, or even places such as the Bar for any potential patient that could need some help.

Hypocritical Oath (traitor Psychologist)

Being selected to be a traitor as a Psychologist is basically a cruel joke. You'll have to be smart how you leverage your meek and disarming job title, because that's the only thing you get out of it, except a decently secluded room in the Medbay. The only trick you have is to invite any targets you have into your office for a therapy session, and that won't work often.

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