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Antagonist Department
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Superiors: Nobody
Difficulty: Hard
Completion: 0%
Guides: Not defined
Access: Anywhere you can expand to
Colloquial Names: Not defined

The Blob is a sentient biomass that highjacks a player character's body with the goal of blowing up said body; spreading and consuming the entire station.

Taco Tuesday

So you took one extra taco from the kitchen and now feel the sudden urge to walk into maintenance so you can think about your life choices. If you are the blob, you will receive a warning about your upcoming transformation with various messages urging you to find a dark isolated place and cower. you will almost certainly know when you are just about to turn, and before then you should try your best to reduce the stations ability to fight you. your time as a human is limited, and once it is up your body will burst and turn into a blob core, whether or not you are prepared. Good locations to turn include isolated pockets of maintenance, unattended departments, space, or, if you feel like taking a gamble, regions near critical functions such as power or atmospherics

In order, when you learn you are a blob you should:

  • Think of a location where you want to set up your blob core.
  • prepare the location so you can rapidly access it when you are about to turn (by deconstructing walls or hacking doors)
  • absolutely make sure you know how to get there, and how to get there fast, from almost any spot on the station
  • wander around stealthily cutting wires, turning off batteries, sabotaging the reactor, spacing regions, etc.
  • when you are about to turn into a blob sprint to your chosen location, ignore everything else.

When you become a blob for real it is important not to reveal yourself too early, as you are VERY vulnerable. dont intentionally breach walls into open areas or hallways. focus on building up your economy before you are detected, building as many resource nodes as possible. Ideally by the time you are found you should have a well built economy and be able to rapidly set up defenses. If you somehow get undetected until the station announcer says you exist you should begin to setup defenses preemptively.

The midphase of blob is typically marked by when the blob switches from economy buildup to spreading wide and is when most conflict with the crew occurs. Focus on eliminating any attackers, either through raw brute force or by trapping them before attacking them. Emitters will serve as the crews most powerful weapon against you, and can rapidly cut a path towards your core. Reflective nodes can be helpful, but will also be among the first the crew targets. if your core itself is in the path of an emitter, move it. to eliminate an emitter, build towards it parralell to its blasts, it is a machine like any other and can thus be rapidly broken down with directed attacks. Fire and explosives, while they can be devestating, are typically more harmful to the crew than they are to you. something to note is that you can space regions by breaking glass windows. This is helpful, as those in space suits and hardsuits are slower, and there arent many suits on the station to begin with. Blob factories can be useful in rare situations to harass players with floating blob spores, but are often more expensive than they are useful.

When you are confident that any crew retaliation has been adequetly repelled, it is time to switch to late-game blob. just expand, fucking everywhere. place nodes wherever they fit, dont be afraid to fill hallways, rapidly build towards and destroy critical station functions. The crew can do little to stop you, as your resource gains are incredibly fast. If you have more than 250 tiles and the crew is repelled, you can be reasonably confident that you have won.

Upon reaching 400 tiles, you will get to critical mass. in this state you will gain absurd amounts of resources very quickly, your attacks are devestating, and your nodes create massive swathes of blob tiles instantly. you have, by all accounts, won. Go ahead and masscre the crew that tried and failed to contain you.

Main Abilities

Icon Name Cost description
Build Strong 15
Build Reflective 15
Build Node 50 Builds a blob node

Allows you to relocate core to that node Blob tiles auto generate around it

Build Factory 50 Places a blob factory which spawns blob that attack players
Build Resource 40 Places a resource factory to grow more biomass faster
Relocate Core 80 Relocates your core to a node
Remove Blob N/A Removes a blob tile
Rally Spores N/A Tells your spores to converge on one location (doesn't as of 4116)
Readapt Strain 40 Allows the blob to change their strain
Reroll Strains 20 Rerolls list of strains

Blob types

Name Description Abilities Damage Armour
Debris Devourer Eats everything in its path, items, objects, and humanoids. Can reactively throw debris at attacking beings. Tosses objects (glass shards, metal rods, etc) at attackers Deals 20 brute damage to players and 50 to objects per attack No extra armour
Distributed Neurons More undead shall walk this station. (players killed are intended to become npc blob zombies) Killed players become blob zombies (or, are supposed to) Deals 5 brute and 15 toxin damage to players, and 50 brute to objects No extra armour
Electromagnetic Web Localized electromagnetic pulses are emitted through the web of connected blob, keep electronics away. (EMP effect intended, but nonfunctional, choose another blob) Nonfunctional EMP effects deals 5 brute and 25 toxin damage to players, and 50 to objects No extra armour, 25% fire vulnerability
Explosive Lattice Blob has adapted to become a bomb itself, and has become immune to explosions. Be careful of fires Explosive immunity Deals 20 brute damage to players, and 50 to objects has 100% resistance to explosives, but is 50% more vulnerable to fire.
Networked Fibers Can only expand manually (by clicking). can only expand next to core. manual expansion near your core moves the core to that tile. Core regenerates health 2.5 times faster than other chemical types. Nodes and core produce extra resources instead of producing blob tiles Could be seen as playing snake. deals 20 brute and 15 toxin damage to players, and 50 to objects. No extra armour
Pressurized Slime Filled with water, this blob isn't afraid to get wet. (when attacked, sprays water, which can slip people) Sprays slippery water when attacked. deals 15 brute damage, 10 oxygen damage, and 15 stamina damage to players. 50 brute damage to objects 50% resistance to melee weapons. bizzarely, no resistance to fire.
Reactive Spines A spike blob, dangerous to attack head on. nodes will fight back when attacked. attacks back automatically when attacked. deals only 5 damage to a player on attack, and 50 to objects. When a player attacks a blob node, it will automatically attack them. 25% resistance to melee, bullets, lasers, energy weapons, bombs, radiation, fire, acid, magic and biological attacks.
Regenerative Materia Blob core health regenerative abilities are extreme and produce extra resources. Rapid regen and more resources Deals 5 brute and 17 toxin damage to players. 50 brute damage to objects. Damage nerf is offset by larger resource production that allows for more manual attacks. No extra armour, but, again, it regenerates rapidly.
Replicating form Burning causes the blob to spread out over an area, but it can still be over burnt. burnt blobs spread to nearby tiles. Deals 22 brute damage to players, and 50 to objects. Has 50% resistance to melee attacks, and NO extra resistance to fire. Fire makes it spread, but the blob is not 100% immune.
Shifting Fragments When damaged blob tiles always swap positions with a nearby blob tile. damaged blobs swap places (allowing them time to regenerate) 22 brute damage to players, 50 to objects. No extra armour
Synchronous Mesh Damage to the blob will be spread out in order for higher chance of survival damage is spread out across blob tiles. 17 brute damage to players, and 50 to objects. 50% resistance to bombs, 25% resistance to fire.
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