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Antagonist Department
Nuclear Operative
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Superiors: Admemes
Difficulty: Hard
Completion: 0%
Guides: Not defined
Access: Syndicate
Colloquial Names: Nuke Ops, Nukies


Ten Hut! You have been hand picked by the Syndicate to join an elite commando team with the one goal of blowing Nanotrasen's most valuable asset, Space Station 13, to high hell through the use of a nuclear bomb.

How to get started

As a nuke operative you will spawn at the Syndicate base or near a When you have made your plan, board the syndicate shuttle and head off towards the station (which is near 0,0. Use your nuke disk pinpointers if you need extra guidance).

The shuttle contains the nuke, the very thing you need to complete your mission, as well as lots of useful equipment that boarding station personnel could easily turn on you. The shuttle also has a small dedicated medical bay which comes with the furnishings to treat wounds and perform surgery. It also has oxygen gear vital for keeping you alive in the vacuum of space. Many a new nukie has died out in the cold airless void because they forgot to turn on their internals.

Your gear and you

To see what's available to buy from the Uplink, go here.

The stock nukie gear consists of your uniform, night vision goggles, hardsuit helm, a syndicate mask, your signature red hardsuit, a pair of red magboots or black jackboots, your headset, gloves, an oxygen tank, a stalker SMG, a PDA which has your telecrystal uplink, and your trusty stetchkin pistol.

Your night vision does exactly what you'd expect, letting you see in dark areas. The hardsuit helm and torso pieces make you immune to the cold and pressure, while offering very decent protection against weapons and explosives. You are not invincible in these however, and getting shot will still hurt. The headset doesn't let you hear the crew, but it does give you access to your own syndicate channel.

The Stalker will be your main offensive weapon unless you choose to buy something else to replace it. Be sure to bring extra ammo for it, as it burns through magazines rapidly.

The stetchkin is a small but scrappy fallback pistol. Use it if you've run out of other ammo or wish to conserve it. One of the best uses for the pistol, however, is getting someone out of the way, as one or two shots will usually send any unarmed crew member running. Be creative with your gear and strategize before hand, its how you'll win! speaking of which...

How to do your job

You need to get the Nuclear Authentication Disk. The pinpointer in your pack will show a large arrow pointing directly to it. plan with your fellow operatives as to how you'll approach it, will you infiltrate stealthily as miners, sneak up and blow open a wall to surprise security, or ram the shuttle directly into the station? Once If you get the disk, you will need to bring it back to nuke and insert it in. Enter the code you got at roundstart, unlock it, drag it over to the station, start the timer, and run like hell!

How to use TC Shop

First what you need to do is open your PDA, go to settings, click in the textbox underneath "Change Ringtone" and type in that case sensitive code you see in chat. The code should look something like "Kilo-350". If you forget your code, you can hit the antagonist objective reminder button near the top of your screen to get a reminder what your code was.

As an operative, You start with 25TC, but you can acquire more if you declare war on the syndicate operations console. Go to the Syndicate Items page to see what you can buy. As a nuclear Operative, you get many extra options that traitors don't have access to.

This means WAR!!!

Before you leave the base to make your attack, you have the option to declare war on the station. This is done on the Syndicate Operations Console. Prepare a threatening message and hit the big red button to declare war.

Declaring war takes away one of your largest advantages because the entire station now knows you are coming, letting them prepare defenses against you. The advantage you get for doing so is a lot a of bonus TC; Near the operations console will be a few TC Withdrawal stations, each of which will dispense extra TC every minute for 20 minutes, giving you a total of 280TC extra to buy loads of fun equipment you can't normally afford to buy.

There is no requirement to wait until the full 280TC has been dispensed, and it is advised that once you've made all the purchases you want, start heading for the station ASAP, as the longer you wait, the more time they have to prepare for your arrival.

How to improve

Nuke Ops is generally a very confrontational gamemode. Unlike traitors, you cant use the argument that you mean no harm, as you absolutely do. As such you will spend most of your time running around and shooting things, though if you are very smart about it, you can go for the sneaky route. To get better at the running and gunning, you can play a catgirl clown security. Go on patrol and respond to shootouts as often as possible. Or, if you are the diplomatic type, maybe, just maybe, you could figure out a peaceful approach?

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