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Cargo Department
Cargo Technician

Superiors: Quartermaster
Difficulty: Not defined
Completion: 0%
Guides: Not defined
Access: Cargo
Colloquial Names: Cargo Tech


You are the delivery boy on the station. Your job is pretty simple: Sit at the cargo desk, take the cargo orders of people that need some item or another, and help the Quartermaster in his goal to become the richest department on the station. You make sure every department has what they need to operate and that no one sneaks in and orders twenty machine gun crates without you knowing.

Cargo Technician is perhaps the best role to play to learn the game after you get the basics of movement down from playing Assistant. Your responsibilities are nearly zero. The only skills you need to know are how to move freight, process forms, and how the cargo console works. Delivery trips are also an excellent way to learn the layout of the station and how everything fits together. You will also discover the general needs and activities of the other departments based on what they order from you. It's a pretty cash money job.

Engineering come pick up your metal plates crate now or we will claim it for ourselves

Let's start with a big note on 'safety:'

  • Do not trap yourself or others between piles of boxes or by closing the docking shutters on people. It's annoying and rude. If you do get pinned in by boxes, you can drag yourself onto crates (while on help intent) to climb on top.
  • When you send the shuttle, make sure that the docking shutters are closed so you don't vent the cargo room out into space when the shuttle leaves.
  • Keep any conveyor belts off when you are not using them.
  • always check to see if someone is in the cargo shuttle before you send it off.

Now that's covered...

Your department head is the Quartermaster. Typically, they will be the one deciding what is purchased on the cargo console, so you will likely get stuck with paper duty when not dragging boxes on and off the shuttle. At the front desk, take paper and pens and prepare a couple General Request forms. You can come up with something on your own or just copy this template and paste it onto each paper:

Request Form:

  • Full Name:
  • Request:
  • Reason for request:
  • Destination Department:

Sign Below

When people come by for stuff, have them fill out the forms. Look at the paper once they've finished and ask questions to make sure they know what they are requesting. If things still are not clear, Bring in the QM

Once some orders have been made, it will usually be your job to go deliver the crates to their requestors. A key mechanic to running a financially successful cargo department is engaging in the Centcom Crate Recycling Program; empty crates can be loaded back onto the cargo shuttle to be exchanged for a portion of their purchase price. So, remember to pick up crates once their requestors have emptied them out. If you forget what crates have gone where, that's what the forms are for.

Sometimes people may ask you to order something sketchy; at that point you either do it no questions asked, or tell them to go away. If you do give them what they want, don't be surprised if the HoP or Security bust down the door and arrest the entire department.

Revenge of the delivery boy ( traitor Cargo Tech)

Being a traitor as a Cargo Tech is pretty nice. You don't have any significant responsibilities and low attention is paid to you by most people except the QM. Just do the bare minimum required of you while you hatch your scheme to fulfill your objectives. A prized possession of the Cargo Tech is the Cryptographic Sequencer (aka, Emag). It allows you to bypass the locks on many devices, most notable to the Cargo Tech, the secure crates purchasable at the Cargo Console. While it can be difficult to ensure the QM doesn't notice it when he signs off on the order, if you do manage it, the Emag will allow for an easy supply of firepower. Still, it's risky.

Whether you have an Emag or not, there's loads of purchasable items on the cargo console that won't immediately elicit suspicion. Peruse the options and you should be able to find some items that will help you develop a plan of action.

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