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Service Department
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Superiors: Head of Personnel
Difficulty: Medium
Completion: 0%
Guides: Space Law
Access: Lawyer Office
Colloquial Names: THE LAW

You are the wall between law and the suspect, it's in your hands to see that everything happens just-fully, or you know, dig your client in deeper because he is either a furry or a clown. This role is meant for those who know the laws and are seeking a role play heavy experience.

How to

Frankly - opportunities will present themselves to you, just hang around near the action, or security if there's no action. Make to have your Space Law book handy at all times, the satisfaction of playing the role comes when you successfully null and void any and all accusations thrown at your defendant. But most of the time you have to enjoy the little things, like term shortening or getting the guards to not break the Geneva Conventions.

How court should go

1) Meet your defendant one on one to talk over the details, ask him what he did and what he didn't do, and ask what he did but wants you to say he did not do.

2) Tell the guards you're ready to move on and get ready for court. Memorize what your defendant told you and you told your defendant, if you made up a story to cover up some of his crimes, make sure you both remember it.

3) During court speak for your client, only have the defendant speak when directly asked, if the question doesn't imply that specifically he should answer then answer it for him, in a manner that benefits him.

4) Listen to the outcome, and learn your mistakes if you made any.

Don't worry, all professions take practice and no one does anything perfectly on the first try, so you have to learn what it feels like to play Lawyer.