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Security Department
Security Officer
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Superiors: Head of Security
Difficulty: Hard
Completion: 0%
Guides: Guide To Security Officer
Access: Security
Colloquial Names: Shit Sec

Security are the Police force of the station, and often the second line of defense against the crew members turning the station into a battle royale (the first line being Janitors). Often times, you have a simple job: Jail criminals, and make sure no one breaks into areas they shouldn't be in.

You are a guardian between the ideals of justice and the wild psychotics that your company has chosen to advance its interests in space. Just because everyone else is insane, however, does not mean you are permitted to go hog-wild and beat them all unconscious to strap them to beds. Professionals have standards.

DO NOT play Security if you're new to the game, it's a very easy way to find yourself surrounded by people wanting you dead for abusing your powers. It's also a very easy way to get job banned for not properly applying Space Law

SECurity, not SHITcurity

For some unknown reason, NanoTrasen has chosen to fill this top-notch research station with simple minded baboons who enjoy carnage. As a result, Security is mostly a necessity to keep crew members from destroying it. For the most part, this isn't too hard; you have a tazer, a stun baton (press Z while selected to activate stun mode, many have made that mistake before), and some handcuffs. 90% of the time, this is all you need, since someone with a crowbar on the other side of the room can't really do much when you can very easily taze them and then stun with your baton, then cuff them and take them to the cells.

However, sometimes this isn't enough. Maybe Xenomorphs have invaded the station. They can't be stunned or cuffed, so your normal strategy won't really work. Not to worry, if the situation is getting out of hand, the Warden will hopefully allow you a lethal weapon from the armory. Just make sure the Assistants don't get their greasy, greytider hands on them, and you'll be fine; be very careful of people standing next to you when you are detaining them with weapons. Overall, just obey the orders of the HoS, keep assistants out of restricted areas, and arrest the shit out of any unwanted crew, and hopefully you're able to keep the station from turning into pure, unfiltered chaos.

Know Your Place

The station is ultimately not a military operation, but, as a member of Security, you follow the chain of command closer than any other crewmember:

  • You take your orders from the HoS.
  • You do not have to obey orders from the Warden unless they are acting-HoS.
  • You also take orders from the Captain, and their orders supersede the HoS and anyone else except Central Command.
  • You do not have to take orders from the HoP unless they are acting-Captain.
  • You are expected to act according to Space Law during all of this. However, you must also develop a sense of when to apply Space Law and when to ignore it. If you arrest crewmembers for every little infraction, your career as a Security Officer will be a short lived one.
  • You must also act according to Standard Operating Procedure. This defines when you are allowed to have weapons out or not, and when you are allowed to apply lethal force.

Tips of the Trade

  • Stun Batons have infinite charges. Tasers do not. Make sure you get your taser charged from time to time in the brig.
  • If you are suspicious of any crewmembers, keep your distance. As an upholder of Space Law, you generally have to get probable cause before taking the initiative in a fight. This means that most of your fights will have you on your back foot. Your security armor let's you tank enough damage to probably be able to survive lethal attacks, but it does nothing to stop surprise banana slips, stun baton hits, weapon disarms, and other nasty tricks. If you sense a threat, keep at least 2 tiles between you and your target until you are ready to make a move.
  • Handcuff people by applying handcuffs to them. A handcuffed person cannot move if they are grabbed by someone else.
  • Strip people of their equipment by stunbatoning them and shift-clicking while adjacent to them. Do not put them in a prisoner's jumpsuit unless their stay in the brig is 10 minutes or longer.
  • WATCH OUT FOR FLOOR LUBE. It's a very popular tactic to lube the tiles directly outside the security Department doors. Many Security personnel have experienced an early demise for slipping straight out the doors, being dragged away and murdered.
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