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Command Department

Superiors: Central Command Officer
Difficulty: Very Hard
Completion: 0%
Guides: Not defined
Access: All Access
Colloquial Names: 'Cap'
High-Risk Items: Imperator, Nanotransen Secret Documents, Nuke Disk, Chain of Command

Captain is one of the most challenging roles on the station. At first glance, your job might seem simple. Just make sure every department is doing what they're supposed to do and hitting the quotas set by Central Command, and make sure that no Antagonists can sabotage the place. However, it's never that simple. Not only is your job to prevent the station from descending into chaos, but it's also your job to plan the next course of action once prevention fails.

Of course, calling the Emergency Shuttle is an option, but that should only be done when all other options have been exhausted. That's not the only thing making your job difficult either; everyone that has some form of sabotage in mind will have a crosshair aimed straight at your head, so be careful when Jimmy Bob asks you to follow him into the maintenance tunnels.

It is your duty to ensure the stability and productivity of the station as well as the safety of your crew. You should have some experience in most of the Heads of Staff jobs and reasonable combat skills. It is suggested that you only pick Captain if you think you're robust enough to handle the challenges.

Your Responsibilities

Here are a few critical things you should aim to do during your shift.

Staying Alive

With so many people out for your life, you'd be glad to know that your office comes with your own special gun, called the Imperator, as well as a security belt and taser. You also start with the best general purpose armor on the station (though it only protects your chest) and a very durable hardsuit in your office (which protects your whole body while wearing it with the helmet, but slows you down a bunch). All of these things are good for shooting someone with and running away.

That's right, running away. Unless you are very, very, robust, your best option when guys in red hardsuits or some greyshirt with a stetchkin attacks you is to run the hell away. That, or hiding in the armory behind walls of meatshields.

Delegator Prime

When you are not fighting off nukies and evading traitorous assistants, you are monitoring, managing, and inspecting. You have the ultimate veto power over all matters. There really is no way to tell you exactly how to run things, but here's some things you should keep in mind:

'Do not get involved, Delegate everything.' You should avoid doing any tasks that can be done by a subordinate. If there's a hull breach, do not fix it yourself. Get your CE to get off his ass and do it. 'Observe the Chain of Command.' You should spend the majority of the time commanding the department heads. Let them command their departments. Avoid skipping them in the decision-making process as they are the ones who should know their departments best. 'Do not tolerate excessive incompetence.' If a department head repeatedly demonstrates ineptitude at their job, or disrespects your authority, demote them from their position. If they don't comply, have them thrown in the brig and tried for mutiny.

Crew Happiness

Delegating and staying hidden can, however, trip you over more than it may help you in many situations, especially if your ordering executions and sec crackdowns often. To help with this, you can try to shed some anonymity through announcements declaring certain things legal and making areas public access. If you legalize drugs and open the gateway to prospecting adventurers, the crew will see you in a more positive light than if you commandeered your personal gestapo to kill any who opposed you.===

Secure Dat Fukken Disk

The first thing you should do is get the fukken nuke disk and hide it on your person. Also take your spare ID. And probably your disk pinpointer, too. Guard the disk with you life. Do not show it to anyone. Do not trust it to anybody except maybe the Head of Security or Head of Personnel.

If there is the barest hint of Syndicate activity on the station, drop whatever you are doing and book it to Security. The Syndies have their own disk pinpointers, and they can track the disk wherever it is. So if they are attacking the station, you need to squad up with the boys ASAP.

Abandoning Ship

As the way shifts in this game tend to go, at some point it might become necessary to abandon ship. This is done by going to your command console and summoning the Emergency Shuttle. The shuttle will arrive in a shorter amount of time the higher the station alert level is, so if the station is disintegrating from multiple meteor impacts or is actively being attacked, make sure to bump that alert level all the way to red.

Don't forget though: You are ultimately responsible for the station. You should not be summoning the shuttle lightly. You should be doing your utmost to keep the station up and running. If the station has sustained damage, appraise its integrity to see if it's repairable first.

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