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Security Department
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Superiors: Head of Security
Difficulty: Hard
Completion: 0%
Guides: Not defined
Access: Security, Brig, Armory
Colloquial Names: Not defined


The Warden is essentially the Security department's watch dog. Your relationship with the Head of Security is analogous to the HoP and the Captain. Your job is to sit in your office, hand Security officers weapons or armor if they have explicit permission from the HoS or Captain, and take over for the Head of Security if they ever die or get deposed. You are responsible for the brig and management of the prisoners.

No I'm not giving you guns just because you think Cargo is revolting

For the most part, all you need to do is guard the cells, feed the prisoners, put prisoners in perma to work growing fruit, and manage the armory. Give out weapons or armor to Sec officers when they are cleared for it. Typically, lethal weapons cannot be issued without clearance from the HoS or the Captain, unless the station is on red alert. Your job is NOT to leave the security area and stop crime like a regular Sec Officer, though if there's a small amount of them you do kind of have a valid reason to. Due to your valuable Armory Access, your card getting stolen is a big deal. Stay inside Security as much as you can, only leaving if you need to eat, or if someone desperately needs security and no other officers can help. And check on the armory and evidence room from time to time. People can be sneaky as all hell, and it's crucial you find out if weapons have been stolen as soon as possible.

Mr. Dispatch

If you have nothing to do and no prisoners to beat, you should be coordinating the Security Officers over the security channel. Since you should always be in the brig, you can fill out arrest records as the officers or Detective report them. You have the opportunity to make Security run like a well-oiled machine if you put the work in.

A note on authority and the Chain of Command: You are equal in rank'' to other Security Officers and the Detective. You have authority over what happens to prisoners and how the brig is run in absence of the HoS, but you can't really order them around, though they typically ''will listen to you anyways. You only gain true authority if there is no Head of Security or if they have been killed. In addition to that, the HoP is not your superior, and you do not need to listen to them at all, unless they have taken over in absence of the Captain. The HoP also does not have the right to bear weapons whenever they feel like it as well, so if they try to take things from the armory without reason, you should stop them and call the HoS.

Keep watch for any suspicious individuals loitering outside the Brig. A lot of Officers die just after they walk out the doors of the brig, usually by surprise disarming or lubed floors.

If you've got all that handled and you've got spare time, have a philosophical chat with the Lawyer about Securitization versus the Social Contract.

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