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Medical Department
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Superiors: Chief Medical Officer
Difficulty: Medium
Completion: 0%
Guides: Not defined
Access: Medical
Colloquial Names: Not defined

Note: for the guide to ordinary doctoring and first aid treatment, check here.

Mr. Gurney

You are essentially a rescue medic. You spend most of your time outside Medbay and therefore have reduced access. However you have increased access to the rest of the station. Your job is to rescue people, take them to Medbay, and leave them to be treated there, performing first aid as needed to make sure they make it there alive.

You are equal in rank to all other medical staff, and need only take orders from the CMO and Captain. It is, however, often a good choice to prolong your own existence by obeying sec within reason and leaving an area when ordered to by its director or workers. You should at all times carry a first-aid kit, medical belt, roller bed, and any manner of other healing gadgets you can feasibly store without pissing off the other doctors.

The practice

When playing paramedic, there is little if any reason to stick around Medbay. Your goal is to patrol the station looking for those that are in need of medical assistance, heal them if possible or drag them to Medical. Checking maintenance on occasion to locate any corpses stuffed within is recommended, as is running into regions where combat or disaster is present or likely to occur. Maintaining a close relation and communication with sec and engineering is recommended, the prior will be the most likely to get into fights and need patching, while the latter is both the most common cause and solution to structural failures.

In emergency situations, you have, unsurprisingly, among the most important roles of the whole crew. Security Officers can't fight xenos if they are bleeding out on the floor, and people cant run to evac if their legs have been blown apart. This is where you come in. Unlike the doctors, who will prioritize the dead for cloning the majority of the time, you should instead keep your attention to the injured outside medical and leave the dead for others to haul around.

Fixing people up at the front line of either a disaster or battle and sending them back off to fight it is typically far more efficient than hauling dead bodies back to Medbay and returning. While you may think that the Paramedic would make a good rescuer when it comes to explosives and breaches, they aren't, and are instead just as likely to keel over responding to them as anyone else. let the engineers and atmos techs with their fancy hardsuits drag the corpses out for you instead and focus on healing those who barely made it out.

Emergency Malpractice Technician (traitor Paramedic)

You have access to dispose of bodies, access to EVA for some space murder action, and maintenance access to boot! Not to mention that you don't look out of place in any department and people won't find anything strange about you wandering the halls with a corpse so long as you stick it on your roller bed beforehand.

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