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Service Department

Superiors: Everyone
Difficulty: Very Easy
Completion: 100%
Guides: Not Dying
Access: Maintenance
Colloquial Names: Greytide

"I've seen enough greysuits with more red than grey on them to work that job." -Chap McCip, writer of Much Ado About Robusting!, and The Drunkards Guide to losing 32% Less Limbs

Assistants are the most expendable role on the station, and usually number one suspect whenever something goes wrong, be it a broken window or items missing from a department. Picking assistant is usually a good choice for anyone new to the game.

Your "job"

According to Nanotrasen, the people in suits who hired you, your duty on the station is to assist people in any way you can. Sometimes you may find yourself inside the medbay, helping medical by dragging in dead bodies for cloning or injured people that need healing. But, most often you find yourself bringing coffee to one of the department heads. If you do actually want to help the station and do what you're supposed to do, head on over to the Head of Personnel's office, hope he's there and not abusing the all-access he so generously awarded himself, and ask for a job. Don't expect to be given a high-ranking job, such as Head of Security; you'll likely just end up with a job like janitorial since no one trusts assistants (and for good reason).

The fun stuff

please note, these things may get you in trouble either IC or OOC if you're not an antagonist

If all that sounds boring to you, I've got some news; one benefit of picking assistant is that, unless the HoP has given you a job, you have exactly 0 duties on the station. You know what that means? Mischief, baby! Grab a welder and weld shut doors, and sit back in pride as the members of the department you trapped shout over comms about the fact that they're stuck; spend half an hour breaking into security's Armory only to realize that you need a higher access level to open any of the crates or lockers; hack into engineering and mess with the plasma generator; the choice is yours! Just.. keep in mind that if security catch you, you might be going in for a long time, so be careful.

A good reason not to trust that assistant (traitor assistant)

A traitor assistant. A perfect weapon. An undercover mastermind. You know, as long as said assistant didn't get picked as traitor the first time they play, in which case, oh boy.

The fact that you have no duties means that you can easily sneak around and accomplish your objectives rather easily, if you play your cards right. Your access to the maintenance hallways also provides you with an easy way to reach your target, as long as the room they're in isn't surrounded by reinforced walls. Pretend to be just a mindless, simple moron, and your target will have no idea that you're sneaking up on them with a toolbox about to robust their ass.

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