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Service Department
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Superiors: Head of Personnel
Difficulty: Easy
Completion: 0%
Guides: Guide to Food and Cooking
Access: Kitchen
Colloquial Names: Chef


The Cook is one of the most simple roles on the station: Make food, serve it to customers, and say no to the Chaplain when they ask you to give them a knife for "ritualistic purposes". Its usually recommended for new players to try the game with this role if they are on their own.

Dinner's ready

Being a Cook is a relatively simple job. You have one duty: make sure the station doesn't starve. You have two ways of doing this: cooking raw steaks in the microwave, or botany actually knowing how their job works. As for the meat steaks, you can either go to the Butcher's room (in Outpost station it's the room north of the kitchen, just head into the maintenance tunnels above you and the room will be on the other side), or by bugging Medical for bodies once they've cloned said bodies.

To make a steak you must take the meat, put it in a microwave, wait 10 seconds and serve. How does the microwave magically add a plate to the steak? Nobody knows, but we do know that those plates are pretty good for abusing the clown.