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Medical Department
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Superiors: Chief Medical Officer
Difficulty: Medium
Completion: 0%
Guides: Guide to Chemistry
Access: Medical, Chemistry
Colloquial Names: Not defined

Note, this is the job guide, the guide for reactions and the like is here

So You Want To Make Meth?

Chemists are one of the most diverse roles on the station, you can create explosives that beat science, flood the station with plasma that beats atmos, create healing chems that can bring a man back to life, or send them to the grave in an instant. to do all this you'll first have to learn the basics of your job.

Boring Old Safety Crap

The thing about dealing with such dangerous substances is that they tend to be able to kill you in an instant as well. To prevent this, read any warnings for the chem your mixing, and be sure to properly separate or stabilize explosives. I myself have been impromptu cremated by a plasma fire and blown to bits by explosions for not paying attention to what i was mixing, much to the horror of the rest of medbay. When in doubt as to whether something could kill you, remember the times in high school sciences classes you had to take tests on lab safety.

Chemistry Basics

You start with several items on you that are crucial to your success as a chemist. your goggles act just like that of the barkeep, and inform you of the reagents in any beaker you look at and the beakers strewn about your office are very much needed for holding liquids. to start, put one in a chem dispenser. The chem dispenser menu is where you'll spend most of your time as a chemist. The top bar controls how much of a substance you add when pressing a button, while the bottom bar allows you to remove chemicals from the beaker overall. Try mixing any old basic medical chem. The machine next to the dispenser is used for splitting up what you've created and deleting specific amounts of specific reagents. You can choose to get your chem out in the form of a bottle, patch, or pill, with some chems being best applied in certain methods. Experiment with meds and try to create a combination medicine that heals all damage types at once, the CMO will love you.

Yeah, cool, when do I learn how to kill things?

Much of the damage chemistry can cause comes in two forms, poisons, applied by whatever means you want, and explosives. Poisons can be manufactured in just the same way as medicines and applied in the same manner. Injecting someone you dislike with cyanide will work as a delivery mechanism, be it melee or from the barrel of a dart gun. Grenades are much less focused, but can be incredibly devastating, a good hellnade can render entire departments unusable for the entire round! You must be much more careful with explosives however, as to not blow yourself into tiny chunks.

Advanced Chem

Chemistry is easy to learn and hard to master. you can make a simple grenade with just water and potassium, but it wont come close to the maxcap breaking nitroglycerin grenades made by a charismatic and skilled chemist. To improve with chemistry, you should start with simple recipes, such as space lube and various medicines and simple toxins, and try your hand at intermediate ones like advanced medicines and basic narcotics. once you've got the hand of those, move on to explosives, poisons, and more advanced chems like meth. Once you feel like you have mastered making one trick ponies, you should move on to combining several medicines, poisons, or explosives to achieve greater effect, until you figure out how to unleash the fires of hell upon the station.

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