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Service Department
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Superiors: Head of Personnel
Difficulty: Easy
Completion: 0%
Guides: Not defined
Access: Library
Colloquial Names: Not defined

'''Disclaimer: the curator job is currently unfinished. this guide will (likely) be updated as the job is.'''

So, you want to make a bestseller?

Well settle down kid, because you wont. That's right, your a librarian on some space station in the ass end of nowhere. Instead, your job duties will mainly consist of giving catgirls and scalies their requested porn novels and being suspicious as hell. However, should you want to, you could write a book. To do this, simply take a pen and put it to paper, and make copies. Hand them out to anyone who comes to your office like some fanfic writer and hopefully they'll like it enough to... uh... I'm pretty sure theirs no benefit to doing this...

Summoning Satan

If life's got you down, why not change something and summon the lord of hell? As curator, you can also act as a non-religiously aligned chaplain if you want, gathering weird eldritch books and making deals with whatever bizarre daemon you summon, just make sure the gods are on to hear your prayers beforehand. Go summon Beelzebub and later shake hands with herma-mora so he gives you cool books. Alternatively, work with the chaplain, providing him eldritch tomes or whatever religious books he requests to summon some fish god and make a cult surrounding it, before going on a holy crusade to seafood aisle to liberate his brothers.

Indiana Jones and the hunt for cool shit

Your a curator, not a book curator specifically, this means that your free to go delve into whatever gateway ruins you find and bring back the artifacts inside, so long as you can survive the horrors within. Make sure to stock up on weapons and supplies, you dont want to awkwardly shuffle back halfway through an ancient pyramid because you forgot a tool-belt. once you've gotten cool artifacts, build them a display or set them on your table and hope nobody steals them. invite people over to gaze at your cool loot and maybe even hire a security detail with some of it. alternatively, you can sell the jewels and gold you find by working with cargo. These artifacts may even harbor special powers you'd want to make use of to further your own goals.

Oh damn it, I'm evil!

As a traitor curator, your only real advantage compared to other roles is that nobody will bother ever visiting your library without reason. your basically a less suspicious assistant with the same amount of access. You could use this to your advantage, hiding bodies in your room and using your dweeb looks to appear harmless. As a traitor curator, your also more free to sacrifice others to summon things, so long as someone is around to hear you.