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Cargo Department
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Superiors: Head of Personnel
Difficulty: Hard
Completion: 0%
Guides: Not defined
Access: Cargo, Quartermaster's Office
Colloquial Names: QM

Note: This is the guide to QM, if your new to cargo please read the guide to being a Cargo Technician and/or Shaft Miner

"Move freight. Miners, don't die." - Randolph P. Checkers.

King of the delivery squad

As the QM, your job is simple, you oversee the regular operations of cargo, be that paperwork, orders, exports, or coordinating mining operations on some god-forsaken rock from the comfort of your office. While the normal Cargo Techs are good at moving crates and making money, they tend to have trouble juggling bounties and spending that money. This is where you come in. Check with other departments to see what supplies they are running low on, and buy them, either in person or over the radio, they'll be more than happy to inform you. You should also almost always buy meat crates for the Chef and metal for engineering as soon as you can, as stocks of both run out rapidly.


Oftentimes, you wont be the one asking others if they need supplies, rather, the crew will be asking you. You could be a prick and hand anyone asking for so much as a pen ten sheets of paperwork, which will likely result in your untimely demise, or you can heed their requests like an ordinary human being. The requests you'll get will range anywhere from spare generators to clowning tools. You will generally be expected to fulfill these requests in a reasonable time-frame and have someone deliver the goods to the relevant department or room.

A critical part of fulfilling requests that you must coordinate with your Cargo Techs is crate reclamation.'' Shipping crates can be exchanged for a significant portion of their original cost, sometimes as high as 100% ("''it's free real state.") of their purchase price. Always badger people about the crates they have taken and not returned. Stretch those dollars as far as you can.


To spend money, you must make money, and the way you do that is through exports. The way this is done is very simple. Drag whatever you want to sell onto the Cargo Shuttle and send it to Centcom. Lockers and crates (see above) are worth a sizable amount, with the prior being manufacturable with some metal for easy money. Other exports may include raw material, Bounties, stolen goods from other departments, refined ore, produce from botany, and generally whatever else you can find with your export scanner.

When the miners actually survive their expedition and grace your department with a fresh haul of ore, you should:

Distribute all construction materials (glass and metal) to lathes or Engineer Give solid plasma and uranium to engineering for powering the station.

  • Sell gold, silver, bananium, bluespace crystals, and diamonds. Or give them to the Roboticist and taunt them for their current lack of job functionality. *take all recovered Xenomorph bodies to the chef for some green steaks.
Item Name Price Contents Crate Reclamation Payout (refund%)
Shotguns 3000 3 S24 combat shotguns (stockless, loaded), 3 bandoliers
Shotgun ammo 1000 2 boxes of buckshot, 2 boxes of bean bags
R550c PDW SMGs 2000 2 R550c PDW SMGs (loaded)
R550c ammo 1000 3 R550c magazines
.38 special ammo crate 800 5 .38 special speedloaders
E-guns 3000 3 laser guns
Laser carbines 2000 3 laser carbines
Riot Suppression Bundle 3000 3 each; riot suits, riot helmets, riot shields, telescopic batons
SWAT Gear bundle 2400 2 each; MK1 SWAT suits, MK1 SWAT helmet, security gasmasks, combat gloves
electronic firing pins 2000 2 boxes of electronic firing pins
Food and Hydroponics
Seeds crate 1000 2 seed pack each: carrots, corn, berries, chilis, cotton, grass, lemons, rice, tomatos, wheat, potato, sugarcane, sunflowers, eggplants, soybeans, chanterelle Mycelium, random seed packs 500
exotic seeds crate 1500 nettle, replica pods, plump helmet, liberty cap, fly amanita, reishi, bamboo, eggy plant, rainbowbunch (x2), random seed packs (x2)
Donk Pocket Variety pack 800 3 random boxes of donk pockets 500
Ingredients crate 1000 flour sack, rice sack, sugar sack, space milk, soy milk, salt shaker, pepper mill, egg carton, bottle of universal enzyme (x2), random meat, banana 500
Imported Meats 1000 10 randomized meats 500 (50%)
Pizza crate 2000 5 pizzas 500 (100%)
Vending Resupply packs varies various, for different vending machines
Potted plants 700 5 random potted plants 50 (wooden crate)
Handcuffs Crate 900 3 boxes of handcuffs (21 total) 500 (55%)
Stun Batons Crate 600 3 stun batons 750 (50)
Type I-B Body Armor 800 3 armor vests, 3 security helmets 500
Bullet Proof Armor 2000 3 bullet proof vests, 3 bullet proof helmets 500
Medical surplus bundle 2000 2 random med kits, 5 random medical gubbins, 1 medical spray bottle, 1 gauze
Medical Kits 800 2 first aid kits, 1 burn kit, 1 brute kit, 1 radiation treatment kit 500 (62%)
Defibrillators 800 2 defibrillators 500 (62%)
Body Bags 800 2 body bag boxes (14 body bags) 500 (62%)
Beaker Boxes 700 3 beaker boxes (21 beakers) 500 (71%)
Medical Peripherals 700 box of syringes, box of prescription glasses, box of latex gloves, 4 nitrile gloves, 2 health analyzers
Surgical Supplies 1200 Roller bed, surgical duffel bag
Robotics Assembly 800 2 floor bot assemblies, 2 cleanbot assemblies, 2 medibot assemblies 500 (62%)
Tool Crate 700 2 mechanical toolboxes, 2 tool belts 500 (71%)
Low Voltage Cable Crate 800 3x30 low power cable bundles 500 (62%)
Cable Crate 800 3x30 power cable bundles 500 (62%)
High Voltage Cable Crate 700 3x30 high power cable bundles 500 (71%)
Circuit Board Crate 800 1 circuit board each: Cargo Console, Cloning console, Comms console, ID Console, Security Records Console, Shuttle Console 500 (62%)
Plasma Generator 1000 1 Plasma Generator 500 (50%)
Reactor Starting Rod Crate 1000 2 engine starter rods 500 (50%)
Reactor Control Rod Crate 2000 6 control rods 500 (25%)
Reactor Fuel Rod Crate 2500 5 fuel rods 500 (20%)
Party Supplies Crate 700 1 bucket, 1 mop, 1 trashbag, 1 space cleaner bottle
Replacement Lights Crate 1000 3 boxes of lights (21 lightbulbs, 42 light tubes) 500 (50%)
Blank IDs 750 2 boxes of spare IDs 500 (66%)
Janitorial Supplies 700 2 buckets, 1 box of mousetraps, 2 spray bottles of space cleaner, 2 soap bars, 1 trash bag, 3 wet floor signs, 1 mop 500
Bulk carpeting 800 200 tiles of carpeting 500
Exotic carpeting 1600 comes with loads of decorative carpets colors 500
Mining and Cargo
Cargo Packing Supplies 700 hand labeler, hand labeler roll, wrapping paper (x100), export scanner
Plasma Cutter Crate 3000 1 Plasma Cutter 500
Advanced Plasma Cutter Crate 6000 1 Advanced Plasma Cutter 500
Shaft Miner Starter Kit 800 Mining Conscription Duffel bag, mining satchel, PKA 500
Ordnance Disposal Kit 600 bomb suit and hood, gas mask, screwdriver, wire cutter, multitool 500
Biological Emergency Kit 800 2 biosuits and hoods, bio bag, syringe with spaceacillin (x2), nitrile gloves (x2) 500 (62%)
Internals Crate 1000 3 oxygen masks, 3 large oxygen tanks, 3 personal oxygen tanks 500 (50%)
Firefighting Crate 1000 2 flashlights, 2 fire extinguishers, 2 large oxygen tanks and masks 500 (50%)
Radiation Protection Crate 800 2 radiation suit sets, 2 Geiger counters, 1 large oxygen tank and mask 500 (62%)
Cardboard sheets 1000 50 cardboard sheets 750
Glass 2000 50 glass 500
Metal 1500 50 metal 500
Solid Plasma 3000 5 solid plasma 750
20 Plasteel 7500 20 Plasteel 500
50 Plasteel 16500 50 Plasteel 500
Wood Planks 2000 50 wood planks 500
BZ Canister 8000 1 Canister N/A
CO2 Canister 3000 1 Canister N/A
N2 Canister 2000 1 Canister N/A
N2O Canister 3000 1 Canister N/A
O2 Canister 1500 1 Canister N/A
Water Vapor Canister 2500 1 Canister N/A
Firefighting Foam Tank 1500 1 Tank N/A
Fuel Tank 800 1 Tank N/A
Extra Capacity Water Tank 1200 1 Tank N/A
Water Tank 600 1 Tank N/A
PACMAN generator 1000 1 PACMAN generator
SUPERPACMAN generator 1000 1 SUPERPACMAN generator
Art Supplies 600 2 boxes of crayons, 3 spray cans, 1 rainbow crayon
Big Band Instuments 1000 piano, trombone, glockenspiel 500
Bureaucracy crate 750 hand labeler, labeler roll (x2), paper bin, four-color pen, pen (x3), yellow folder (x3) 500
festive wrapping paper 750 festive wrapping paper (x250)
religious supplies 1400 flask of holy water (x2), bible (x2), follower hood (x2)
funeral supplies 1000 burial garments, flowers, coffin N/A, arrives in a coffin
Uniform Sets (one for every station job) 600 ~ 100000
Costumes and Toys
Wizard Costume set 1000 fake wizard costume
Theatre Costumes set 750 clown and mime clothing
Formalwear set 900 assorted clothing for approximately 5 people
Foam Force Crate 600 8 foam force shotguns
Original Costumes set 600 animal costumes

The business of blood and money (traitor QM):

A traitor QM is one of the best times you can have in this game. Through the cargo console you have easy access to weapons, illicit materials, basically whatever you need. Just be mindful of an active AI or a snooping HoP.

The cryptographic sequencer is one of the most valuable tools available to a traitor QM in the syndicate uplink. It can be used to unlock any secure crates you purchase like gun crates. You can even distribute them amongst the greyshirts if you want to spread chaos throughout the station, though that will draw attention to cargo quickly, so make sure you've got an alibi or are making your moves by then.

You also have access to the Autolathe, which is handy if you need to manufacture something that you can't buy.

All in all, if you've been lucky enough to roll traitor as the Quartermaster, you're probably going to have a pretty crate (get it?) time.

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