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Ancient Engineer
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Superiors: Died a long time ago...
Difficulty: Medium
Completion: 0%
Guides: Category:Engineering Guides
Access: The Ancient Station
Colloquial Names: AE


The Ancient Engineer is an unusual role. Being a ghost role, it is only normally available to players that have died, and are spectating the round as a ghost. However, unlike most other ghost roles, it is always available.

The Ancient Engineer is first and foremost meant to serve as an opportunity for players to practice the basics of engineering and basic combat while they wait for the next round to start.

When selected, you spawn as an Engineer who has been kept in suspended animation for an untold amount of time. You spawn with a decently robust but very heavy hardsuit and engineering equipment. Your station has fallen into disrepair in the extreme, with electrical and integrity issues everywhere. It is also inhabited by hostile creatures who will try to murder you on sight.

If you are able to secure the station and repair enough of the systems damage, you will have basic suites to practice engineering, chemistry, atmospherics, and botany in relative peace. Your food, generator fuel, and building supplies are very limited, so you will have to develop a degree of self sufficiency if you want to stay. However, there are crates stashed away throughout the station that contain extra supplies if you are willing to search for them.

The other choice is to repair the shuttle docked in the ship bay. To do so, you will have to find one of the two available shuttle console machine boards and use it to rebuild the piloting console in the shuttle. You will also have to secure plasma fuel from Atmospherics storage and dig away the asteroid rubble that has built up around the shuttle over the decades of inactivity. Once you have done so, you can leave the station and explore the local sector. Hint: the main station is located somewhere are coordinates 0,0, and it is totally permissible to return there so long as you don't metagame.

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