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Each round of Unitystation can has a specific game mode. There are currently 5 different game modes in the game, the differences of each game mode mostly change what type of conflict the station will have to deal with. The round's game mode is chosen randomly at the beginning of a new round, though a vote, or by a admin. Often times a game mode will be kept a secret though it may show what game mode the server is hosting on the server list. At the end of each round a report will appear showing all of the antagonists and their objectives during the game mode and whether or not they succeeded.


This is the most common game mode for servers to be running. A few players are chosen to be undercover Syndicates where they will be given objectives to complete. They are given three objectives and a round end task. Objectives can be anything from stealing a specific high value item, killing a specific player, or preventing a specific player from leaving the station at the end of the round. The round end tasks involve making it to the escaping alive, making it to the end free (out of jail or handcuffs), or preventing everyone from leaving the station. To aid traitor players they are given a Syndicate Uplink in their PDA that allows them to purchase a limited amount of special syndicate items that can help them complete their objectives. These include things like explosives, weapons, tools, armors and suits, etc. The mix of open-ended objectives along with unique items and tools to help traitors accomplish their goal makes the Traitor game mode a staple of Unitystaiton.

Nuclear Emergency

Nuclear Emergency is special game mode where a group Nuclear Operatives from the Syndicate go to the station in attempt to find a Nuke Disk and blow up the station. Contrasting with the Traitor game mode the group of Nuclear Operatives often work together and not undercover. They are given a Syndicate Uplink similar to traitors and Nuke Disk pinpointer to help them storm the station with their shuttle and grab the Nuke Disk that is often carried by the Captain. This game mode is often much more directly action packed as Nuclear Operatives typically go in guns blazing and have to fight off Security and any other crew that has armed up. Their goal is to take the Nuke Disk, put it in the Nuke, insert the Nuke Code, and blow up the station.


In this game mode a wizard from the Space Wizard Federation has come to the station with tasks very similar to that of a traitor. They are given a bunch of unique spells they can unlock to help them accomplish their goal from lightning bolts to a drop pod summoning a bunch of guns the wizard has many unique ways to assault the station. For a full list of wizard spells check out: Wizard Spells


The Blob is typically a mid-round antagonist that spawns as a ghost role for a player to pick. The player is spawned as a normal person that will soon explode into writhing mass of organs and tentacles, the player is given a few minutes to choose a spot where a countdown will signal that they are about to become the Blob. The Blob role works differently than any other antagonist in the game, the player plays the blob almost as a RTS mode. The player explodes turning into the Blob's central node, a tile they have to protect or they will die. The blob has a set amount of biomass that slowly accumulates that can be spent on expanding, upgrading specific blob tiles, changing the blob type, etc. The goal of a Blob is to expand as much as possible, once reaching a critical size they will win the game by destroying the station. The crew will be alerted of the Blob's presence once the blob reaches a somewhat moderate size if it is not found beforehand. During the time the blob is on the station the emergency shuttle will not be able to leave, stranding the crew on the station until the Blob is defeated by destroying its central node.

Blood Brothers

In Blood Brothers two players are spawned as "Brothers" with each other. They work with the syndicate similar to Traitors and Nukies, however their uplink is given much less TC. The lore is that two brothers came from a prison where they were experimented on giving them more health and a special spell or paranoia. The objective of the Blood Brothers is to complete at least 70% of their objectives (which are about the same as the ones Traitors get), however if one of the brothers dies they both die. This is Unitystation's unique take on the gamemode of the same name from classic SS13. With the players being linked together it focuses on more cooperation between the two brothers for better or for worse.

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